Custom Made Boats

With over 20 years in the boat building industry, Ken And Tan boats is relied upon for its quality build, durability and specialized design for the local environment. Our fishing boat designs is highly reputed and popular among local fishermen. And as a licensed and approved boat builder for the government of Brunei Darussalam, we take pride in our customized builds, and always innovating and testing out new designs.

18 ft Bow Raider 

19 ft Custom 

21 ft Cabin Cruiser 

21 ft (Model B) 

23 ft (Model Gunner B) 

29 ft Center Console 

29 feet Cabin Cruiser 

38 ft Aladdin 

Fiberglass Bagong Boat 

Custom Made Work Boat 

23 feet Fiberglass Water Taxi Boat 

28 feet boat Center Console 

Fiberglass Kayak 

35 feet Fiberglass Boat Pilot House